Fishes of the Open Ocean (the book)

Here it is!   My Magnum Opus.  Ten years in the making.   Not a whole ten years.  But ten years from idea to shop shelf.  It feels good. Really good.

Available from all good bookstores.
For SIGNED copies of this standard trade edition...
please contact my local bookstore, Annies Books on Peregian

About the book

The back flap says...

The largest, swiftest, highest-leaping, fastest-growing and most migratory fishes on the planet all live in the open ocean.

Beautifully adapted to their world, they range from tiny drift fish to plankton-straining whale sharks to streamlined predators such as wahoo, tuna, marlin and sailfish.

Fishes of the Open Ocean, is the first book to describe these fishes and detail their biology and the complex, often fragile world in which they live.

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It is beautifully illustrated by internationally renowned artist Guy Harvey who has produced over 140 original paintings of all species especially for this work.

The book won the Whitley Award for 2010 for best Natural History Book and was shortlisted on the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards in the category of  'Science Writing'

The book also includes distribution maps for all species and over 150 unique colour photos by some of the world's leading underwater photographers.

It is a large format, full colour, hard cover book of 272 pages and retails at the very reasonable price of $49.95

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  1. I am looking at the first picture there and more than the details that amazed me is just how was that incredible shot taken in the first place? That's pure genius!