Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Jewfish take their name from their large earbones (otliths) – called ‘jewels’ by fishermen. Jewelfish became jewfish over time
Right: A jewfish, or mulloway. Photo courtesy:


  1. Julian. you're back. Nice to see you on line again. You might enjoy a blog I follow. A fisher and writer in WA. She writes stories about fishing and life in her fishing community. I love her stuff - very funny sometimes.

  2. Yes, I know this blog. Came across it by chance because of the beautiful paintings of fish there by Robert Neil – a naturalist fishermen who lived at King George Sound in WA in the 1830s & 40s. I sought out these paintings at the Natural History Museum in London earlier this year. Held the originals and his notebook in my (gloved) hands. He included all the names by which the fish were known, by the local aborigines, the 'sealers', and the 'settlers'. Lovely blog. Ta.

  3. I did not this fish name is Jewelfish. But i have seen many people who eat this fish and they told me that this fish is very delicious. Please share with us more fish which is very unknown. Thanks for your kind information.