Friday, November 27, 2009

Look what the cat dragged in

... an Eastern Water Dragon. Wes The Cat (Burmese) is generally content to sleep the days away, and yes, we do keep him in at night, but sometimes he wanders down into the garden and brings up something for me to look at. Usually small skinks, but occasionally a dragon!

I'm no lizard expert but from the size of this one, I figured it was a juvenile, but it has a lovely orange tummy which I think indicates male breeding colours.

See its belly? Very alluring. And in case you're wondering, Wes The Cat is remarkably gentle with lizards. He delicately holds them in his mouth at the back of the head and doesn't even puncture the skin ... really. After these quick pics, he (the dragon) was released on top of the rock tier, whereupon he took off like a scalded, err ... cat.

Doonan is not normally this exciting, by the way.

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  1. Hmmm - now you're making me think I should check Caspar's tummy!! Just picked the juveniles up from the Gold Coast this morning (only took 4 hours there and back) and they're okay but very sleepy!